Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Riddle me this

It appears that I have landed myself in some sort of existential conundrum. A question popped into my head enunciated lucidly by the-voice-in-my-head. It said rather slowly so as to magnify its great import and asked "Would you rather be well-read or well-travelled?"

Sticky situations are the best of friends with inadvertant indecision.


kookiejar said...

well-travelled is a better choice.... but sometimes we have to make do with the second fiddle...... n in this case a close one!

Pinkeagle said...

Reading is travelling, so well read for sure!

Anonymous said...

well travelled, the phrase almost encompasses that you are well-read.Or atleast literate.

Mandakini said...

@anonymous - i dont quite understand what you're trying to get at. I dont claim to be either of the two - well read or well travelled. But the blog and its contents are not there for me to justify it...they are simply.....there. Like Thought bubbles if you please.

Anonymous said...

'oray kallule rendu manga'
Read travelogues.

- PJ