Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Number Do

cover page

Birju considers his fields

"there she is!"

the chase

the discovery of the nest

and finally....a change of heart.

So this one is called 'Chugga' - which basically refers to the food a mother bird brings back for her babies. I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out the characters and their surroundings. A lot of the action takes place in and around a maize field so I tried different view points and angles to keep the visuals engaging. After Najma Ki Jeet this is my second book with the same organisation - Room to Read (India). These books are published as part of their local language publishing program. The books find a place in children's libraries set up by the organisation in different parts of the country. Definitely a fun project!


Manthan said...

Hey Mandu Amazing work done
Really loved the illustration styles of both the books...
Coooooolll CHE!!
Where could i get it ... ??

Kathan :)

Mandakini said...

:D thanks be. the book isn't for sale in regular stores. but i have extra copies. will save one for you :)

Ghate said...

Hey Tamater,

Love the simplicity of the images. I would like to buy the copies from you for my young ones.


Paavani said...

very cool work, Mandakini!
Specially liked where Birju was running.

Mandakini said...

@ghate - thank you ji. glad you like.

@paavani - thanks! i loved making that one too. :)

Manish Bhatt said...

Lovely work Mandakini, hope to work with you someday.

ARUN GUPTA said...

The playing with "points of views" is interesting. It would be even more interesting to somehow decipher how children 'read' that.

Mandakini said...

@arun: its something iv missed as far as both these books are concerned. Feedback from real readers.

The shifting points of view was a conscious decision since i realized that in the last book - najma ki jeet - all of the scenes were drawn from one single point of view. Also this story did lend itself to some exploration in that area. And i was keen on highlighting the boy's fascination with the tenacious little bird.

thank you for the informed comment!

Roshnee said...

i love the angles of the illustrations especially the one in whch he's chasing the flying bird