Sunday, April 27, 2008

Until the next pit stop

Disclaimer: this is not a poem.

The tracks span length and breadth in the soil
over water, land, valley and rock
they leave a marked trail
the train runs snake-like
pregnant with the mass of humanity
lives in tow, trussed up in linen
or boxed up in cheap wood. The lives
dangle, they leap, they sweat
they sleep, they watch, they bore
they shit, they score, they cry
they scratch, they shift, they doze
they laze, they trace, they look
they cook, they eat, they wash
they give and they live
from one place to the next
forever in motion
no full stops no stopping for air
go sit on the roof if you can't
breathe inside where
the babies yell for their mother's breast
and the air is like glue
filled with the acrid smell
of pickle, sweat and soot
let your eye traverse the contours
of resting bodies - bodies in limbo
waiting to move - dormant
till the next stop.
the next stop
life begins anew
and so we play at the charade again
we move, we pull, we push, we shove
we lean, we stall, we, yell, we crush
we smile, we wave, we holler, we pale
we step, we hop, we skip, we jump
we lift, we heave, we ho and we hum.


errormsg! said...

"we ho and we hum"...the last line beautifully left a lingering trail of thought, for the rest of my the long forgotten radio buzz that woke me up when i was small. Lovely! :)

Ruchita said...

i like i like :)

and i think i shud start adding disclaimers to my blog too..

Mandakini said...

@ errormsg: that radio buzz really is long forgotten! thanks :)

@ ruchita: im glad u like :)

i only put the disclaimer because i don't understand poetry very well myself to attempt to write it. this was more like a long continuous thought chain.

i don't see any reason for you to add one to your blog!! and the translations are being much appreciated FYI. :)