Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Universal Truth on NGC

The other day, while watching a bewitching series about the birth of our planet Earth on National Geographic Channel I had one of those moments when you realise something and knock yourself on the head for not having thought of it before.

As I watched a make-believe earth hurtle through a make-believe universe I figured that...

The earth is big.
The universe is bigger.
Humans are small.
I am smaller.
My issues are wee.

Life is that simple.
It is.


Kavita Arvind said...

that's a thought there... made me stop for a bit and sit back and find a quiet spot in my head.

Sine Qua Non said...

have you read douglas adams?

Mandakini said...

i have but only the hitchhiker's that you mention it....maybe this universal truth should have struck me a while back :D

fulcrum said...

ur issues are wee, my issues are playstation. oh wait, thats spelled wii :D

Organised Beyond Recognition said...

but i really wish it was that simple.
tomorrows breakfast is not.
and worse... the lunch we take to work.
man not at all :)

Mandakini said...

see thats the thing! i want to NOT fret about things that actually don't make much of a difference :) try and be less petty you know?

being a better person is huge on my agenda these days :)