Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flotsam I Am

So many times I've felt exactly like this. Going somewhere.....reaching nowhere. I haven't yet made up my mind if this is a good thing or something that is to my detriment.

Pre-determined destinations have never been my friends. I continue to drift among strands of thoughts that don't tie up to form a web and ideas that melt as quickly as they form.

One tends to float or amble towards a general destination with no road maps in hand. Reaching nowhere is not exactly a dead end. It's more like coming to a clearing which stretches as far as the eye can see.

So the best thing to do I suppose is to walk on....


Kavita Arvind said...

i am almost 32 and i drift in a similar tangle still... i like to think it is a bloody good thing too... loved the illustration... i am taking the liberty of adding the link to your blog on mine... i hope you dont mind?

Mandakini said...

i dont mind at all! in fact it might increase the traffic on my blog :D and thank you! and i think its a good thing too....drifting and being tangled!