Monday, February 26, 2007

The Academy will rest in peace

What a day! Scorsese gets a nod from the academy at last! I was reading my earlier post about The Departed and was in half a mind to take it off my blog. Not because the film won best picture along with Scorsese's long overdue accolade, but because having returned to the film after a good long break I realised some things. (Of course my all time favourites of the Italian-american's ouvre still remain Goodfellas and Taxi Driver. )This is for all those who may have some or the other misconception regarding my views on Martin Scorsese after reading the earlier post.

The Departed was perhaps the only film by the director to have garnered as much commercial success as crticial acclaim. And that for Scorsese, I believe would be a first. Scorsese said on being informed about his Oscar nomination for the 7th time, that although the recognition would be appreciated, one could never make films solely to win an Oscar. So much for my fear that he had sold out! What has impressed me most about Scorsese is his immense tenacity and creative stamina as an artist. The thirst for creative excellence and an uncompromising will towards nuanced storytelling has been his hallmark. 30 odd years since he made his feature film debut, the man is still going full throttle! With each project he seems to be aiming bigger and better.

Perhaps what chnaged my views to a certain degree was also that I got the chance to watch The Age of Innocence recently. What is essentially a story of unrequited love , in the hands of Scorsese became an elegy of a society stifled by its own hypocrisy and vanity. The astounding detail is made visible by the camera-eye - an eye that is discriminating but not disparaging. That is the genius of Martin Scorsese. A ceaseless exploration of subject matter through immaculate contsruction of the script and the mis-en-scene.

The range itself of his cinema is mind-boggling. Compare the ruthless and dark Taxi Driver to the eloquent Goodfellas. Or the opulent and decadent Casino to the brilliant insanity that was Aviator. Or the velvet veneer of The Age of Innocence to the enigma and pulse of The Departed. And you will know what I mean.

I mentioned the Movie Brats in my previous post. Imagine my surprise and bewilderment when three of them turned up on stage to present the award to their long-time friend, collaborator and colleague - Martin Scorsese. A fitting end I think. Marty said he was moved. I was in tears.


Amit said...

Hey there,
Kinda confused after reading your post about the Oscars. So ...

a) Marty winning an Oscar is a good thing.

b) Marty winning it for The Departed and not for his earlier works is not a good thing.

c) The slightly ambiguos title of your post.

Not trying to be intrusive here but what exactly is the point you are trying to make?


Mandakini said...

Its not that complicated... Im glad martin Scorsese has finally won. its been long overdue. but i wish he had won it / or been adequately recognised for films like goodfellas and raging bull.

The Academy will rest because they have undone their past wrongdoing in having snubbed Marty. Given that Departed won Best Picture too, clearly the Academy awarded scorsese for his excellence and not sloely because he's lost out so many times before. Read my previous post titled "marty goes undercover". Perhaps it'll become clearer...

kookiejar said...

Scorsese getting the coveted oscar for Departed is good news. Would have been much better if that had happened for Goodfellas or Taxidriver!

No confusion! : )

Mandakini said...

thanks kookiejar...i thought so too :) but u cleared it up quite well!